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At Lincoln, we prepare students for success in standardizded tests with instruction inside and outside of class.

We give the following tests:

  • MCA Reading (all 10th grade students)

  • MCA Math (all 11th grade students)

  • MCA Science (all Biology students)

  • NWEA MAP (all students fall and spring each year)

  • WIDA ACCESS (all identified English Learners)

  • ACT (all 11th graders)

State Testing Information For Families:

What is MCA?


MCA stands for Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment. This is a statewide, annual test that measures achievement on the Minnesota Academic Standards in reading, mathematics, and science. These sets of assessments are required to be administered as part of federal and state legislation. In general, all 10th graders are required to take the MCA reading test, all 11th graders are required to take the MCA math test and all biology students are required to take the MCA science test. Parents have the right to excuse their children from taking the MCA test.

MCA Parent factsheet

MCA Parent information and refusal form 

What is WIDA?

If your child is identified as an English learner, your child will need to take the WIDA ACCESS or Alt ACCESS assessment each year. This assessment is required by federal law but there is a process that parents can complete in order to refuse the assessment for their child. Reaching a proficient score on the ACCESS assessment is the only way your child can “exit” from the English language development program at school and no longer be identified as an English learner.

For more information on testing, please visit MDE’s Statewide Testing page (

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