We want your passion.

At Lincoln we are always seeking passionate, dedicated and qualified volunteers and employees.

Open positions are posted below, we require a resume and cover letter for any paid position as well as valid certification for licensed positions.

Volunteer application forms, background check forms and volunteer information pages are listed below. Background checks are required for all employees and volunteers.

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Social Worker, Part Time

January 14, 2019

Lincoln is looking for a Part Time Social Worker.

Requirements: Bachelor's degree in a related field, experience working as a social worker in an educational setting.

RFP Transportation Provider

January 01, 2020

Lincoln Is accepting applications for transportation services. Lincoln transports students from all over the metro area. Submit your application by the 10th of December to manyit@lincolnihs.org

Teacher and Staff Candidate Pool

We are always seeking qualified applicants for our open teaching positions.

Apply with a resume and cover letter as attachments to your email to info@lincolnihs.org.

Volunteer Application

July 01, 2016

Thank you for your help! We love having volunteers and our students really benefit from one on one instruction. Please fill out this volunteer application and fill out and sign the background check forms below.

Informed Consent Form

July 01, 2016

All employees and volunteers must have a background check completed and on file at the school. Please use sign this background check form and submit it to the office at lincoln or attach it and email it to info@lincolnihs.org

Predatory Offender Form

July 01, 2016

All Employees and Volunteers must fill out this background check form and submit to the office or attach and email to info@lincolnihs.org

Helping Lincoln Students -- A Checklist

January 01, 2020

Here are some effective strategies for helping our students.

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